TOP 10 ICO Listing Sites [Updated List 2018]

Comprehensive List of 10 ICO Listing Platforms in 2018

TOP ICO Listing Sites

You are looking for TOP ICO Listing Sites now. This means that you either decide to invest in an ICO project, or want to add your own ICO project to the Initial Coin Offering List. In any case, ICO List is the best way to analyze the crypto market, valuate current ICOs and simply see the owners and white papers of the projects.

There are dozens and hundreds of  ICO Listing Sites all around WEB, but only few of them contain the up-to-date information. Also, it is important that ICO Listing platform must have a gradation system with clear ratings for every ICO they publish. So that, you as investor can have a deep insight in the potential risks and outcomes.

BTCzilla has analyzed the vast niche of Initial Coin Offering platforms, and we conducted a curated list of TOP 10 ICO Listing Sites. All of them update on the daily basis and have excellent rating and review systems. Please note: this chart is not limited by these 10 TOP ICO Listing Sites and can be extended eventually.


Brief information on ListICO: This is your best assistant in finding an ICO investment in 2018. Today, is probably the best ICO platform in terms of rating and review. It will suit well as for traders so and for crypto enthusiasts.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on BestCoins: New ICO Listing platform with open discussions. Everyone can join the community and review an ICO project. Fair review system. We can call it an alternative to Telegram.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on TopIcoList: This platform provides a curated ICO Listing. You can find here the best upcoming Initial Coin Offering and track the past ones. TopIcoList does not charge any money or coins for a publication. Thus, it is a trusted source for an investor: all information is relevant and fair.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on TheTokener: A vast Toke/ICO curated directory. It published detailed information on all upcoming, past and ongoing ICO projects. All ratings and reviews on the platform are provided with solid technical background.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on ICOMap: A unique ICO platform with a graphical GEO World Map interface and ICO locations. You can track upcoming and ongoing ICOs and its geography. Fun and informative website.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on ICOchamps: This new ICO Listing site covers all major ICOs on the market and provides thorough and detailed review. It will help you figure out all cons and pros of an ICO you want to invest.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on ICOHotList: Trusted, aged and independent ICO Listing platform. It includes everything you need to start investing in ICO projects. All ICO market on ICOHotList is divided on three groups: upcoming, past and ongoing. All needed information is represented at one place, easy and quick to navigate. Whitepaper, team, roadmap, advisory board, etc. ICOHotList is the best assistant for a crypto investor.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on ICOAlert: ICOAlert provides a comprehensive list of only upcoming and ongoing projects. This platform also covers all token, crowdsale and crypto events. ICOAlert is a trusted, aged and popular service.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on ICOAlert: This ICO platform lists only reliable and fair ICOs. All information is updated constantly. Also, ICOWatchlist helps entrepreneurs to raise capital for their blockchain-based projects.

ICO Linsting Site:


Brief information on ICOBench: Trusted, aged and probably the most popular ICO Listing site today. ICOBench relies on the expert reviews. This platform has a huge number of active crypto and blockchain enthusiasts who evaluate all upcoming ICOs every day.

ICO Linsting Site:


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