ICO Tezos is under the official investigation

Tezos ICO has got red flag

Tezos Fraud

Block & Leviton LLP, the Boston legal company, informs it is conducting an investigation on the cryptocurrency company Tezos case for investors who took part in its ICO.

Earlier, the Tezos founders came into a conflict with each other, jeopardizing the multimillion-dollar project’s future. The couple Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, the project code owners, are one party to the conflict, and Johann Gevers, the president of the fund controlling the money collected by the project within the ICO campaign, is the other party. Tezos tokens have not been transferred to investors so far; they are being traded exclusively as futures for the time being. After the negative news publication, the futures’ exchange rate significantly plunged, losing more than 70% within a few hours.

Block & Leviton LLP advises that all ICO campaign participants, who are interested in their investments fate, should contact the company as soon as possible. Two lawyers of the company are conducting the case and currently searching for informers whose evidence will allow influencing the development of the situation.

Block & Leviton LLP specializes in cases related to law violations in the area of valuable securities. This means that Tezos could have violated some provisions of the relevant legislation during its ICO campaign. If this suspicion is confirmed, the project’s position and the investors’ future can become even more deplorable.