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ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a crowdsale endeavor for a blockchain project. All News from the ICO Projects and ICO Markets industries.

Tezos Fraud

ICO Tezos is under the official investigation

Block & Leviton LLP, the Boston legal company, informs it is conducting an investigation on the cryptocurrency company Tezos case for investors who took part in its ICO.Earlier, the Tezos founders...
What is ICO

What is ICO

What is ICO? The ICO abbreviation stands for Initial Coin Offering, meaning the initial coin (token) placement. In the course of an ICO campaign, a project team sells out digital tokens for...

Industry Leaders

Cryptocurrency and blockchain: history and market prospects

History of Crypto Boom Top 10 largest cryptocurrencies according to capitalization (by Aug 5, 2017) Billion dollarsSource: coinmarketcap.comBoth Bitcoin and Ethereum “clones” remain in the list...