HOW TO FIX: Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash [Ethereum]

Ethereum Transaction Failure

What is Ethereum

Recently, in 2017 and up to January 2018 the Ethereum community has been receiving many transaction errors. These errors come with this note: Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash. If your Ethereum transaction has failed and you got this Transaction Hash issue then welcome to the club. You are not alone, there are 800 thousands queries in Google regarding “Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash”. This happens. You will not lose your precious crypto money. Just read the instructions below on what to do in case of this error. Let’s review all most likely scenarios and get answers what to do.

If you run into the Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash trouble, then you will see this message:
Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash

Now, let’s list a number of reasons WHY exactly you are receiving this.
1. Ethereum blockchain is not perfect. This is overwhelmed with daily transactions and sometimes it ends up with a failure for a transaction hash. Just as for yours. Yeah, out of luck, sorry.
2. There are plenty of DApps that use Ethereum network to utilize their blockchain. The best example is CryptoKitties DApp. This application becomes so popular and virus that its users are killing Ethereum network. Watch activity of this application and choose right time for transaction. Otherwise, you might have a chance to run into transaction error.
3. The sender person might have lack of ETH resources to commit the transaction.

But in all cases mentioned above, you must not worry about your cryptos. Most likely all ETH coins will return back to the sender wallet. So, you can try to send or receive ETH one more time. Also, you can wait. Sometimes it works after 1-10-48 hours.
Just have a look at the Reddit Crypto Community and see what other people did in the same situation: [Link to the Reddit Ethereum Community]

Brief review of the Reddit thread on “Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash” issue.

Now let us figure out what exactly you must do to solve this transaction problem.
1. Check your transaction on . There is a chance you may find your transaction in the pending section.
2. If you find your transaction as a pending then you can simply wait 12-24 hours more. Also, it is recommended to contact the support of exchange you used.
3. If you cannot find your transaction as pending, then it’s very likely that it did not happen at all. All ETH coins are at the hands of sender still. Try to send cryptos a bit later.
4. Currently there’s not much anyone can do until 1) transactions start to lower, making room again. 2) more mining rigs get set up/the existing mining rigs get better (more hash/sec) 3) The ethereum network itself gets another update. You can use this site to see how many GWEI you should probably set: gas depends on how big (in bytes) a place your transaction will take to compute. Don’t set it too low, or you will lose your transaction fee. (you would still get the amount you sent back, as the transaction simply wouldn’t go through).

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