TREZOR Model T Review [100% Ultimate Review]

TREZOR T Model Review. Is TREZOR T Model Worth Your $150 Investment?

trezor t model

Trezor Model T is a new hardware wallet device for better and safe crypto storage. Trezor Model T is available for purchase now and all crypto-fans can enjoy the new hardware wallet model. But what is in the box? Is Trozer Model T worth your investment? Let’s unbox the new Trezor wallet and see the details first.


What is Trezor

TREZOR T is a hardware wallet that allows you store your Bitcoins, ETH, etc. Trezor is well-known as the first hardware wallet to use a passphrase feature on their devices. While most of today crypto wallets need Internet connection, TREZOR keeps your private key far from the hands of hackers. But also it is fair to say that Trezor T is not a cheap crypto toy. The price tag from $150 per a device makes us believe that Trezor T must be a really handful and reliable hardware wallet.

Trezor T Device

Unbox Trezor T and find all the essentials gadgets you need. The box consists of TREZOR T model, a USB cable, a card for a recovery seed (will review it later) and a couple of TREZOR stickers.

trezor t

One awesome gadget that has been added is a magnetic dock. You can place the dock on a wall or something similar and rest the TREZOR T in it. However, if you think about it, a hardware wallet is used for the safe storage of coins, so why would you want to hang it in plain sight?

TREZOR T is also equipped with a seal on its USB port so you know whether the device has been compromised. If the sticker on the port doesn’t seem to be completely intact, it could mean that someone has tampered with your device.

Trezor T

How to Install Trezor 

Installing Trezor T is really easy and intuitive process. The Trezor T installation is similar to the old Trezor (which is called TREZOR One today). This includes the following simple teps:

  • Download and install and Install bridge (a piece of software to help you manage the TREZOR).
  • Install the latest firmware on your TREZOR.
  • Enjoy your offline hardware wallet!

trezor t

You probably think that there is a missing step. The part where you need to get the twelve-word seed phrase. But actually TREZOR refused this practice and now you can instantly start operating your hardware wallet with no 12-word seed phrase.

Then, you will be definitely alerted by a warning to back up your seed phrase, but in the end, it is up to you. More likely it is a good move from TREZOR and most of users will be happy to skip this step first. Whevener you’re ready, you can go through the process of writing down your seed as seen below (this is a one-time process only).

Trezor T Touchscreen

Interface and interacting with device is very similar to what you experienced in TREZOR One model. However in T model case you will be operating touchscreen display instead of buttons. Of course, touchscreen looks awesome and tech savvy but on the other hand it is small and not handful for usage.

In TREZOR T model you finally do not need to interact with your computer during such functions as setting up PIN code. This is huge benefit for a Trezor T user. As previous TREZOR T mixes keypad from time to time so that hackers will not be able to recognize password you use.


Summing all things up. Is TREZOR T worth your money and $150-$600 investment? Yes, Trezor T Model is a great hardware wallet, but honestly it lacks technological advantages over the previous model. There is nothing special but a touchscreen display. Except of this feature you will not find any extra technological pros for T model. Unfortunately, Trezor T model is nothing but a marketing move and the same old TREZOR one model. The basic features and amounts of coins supported are the same on both models (13 coins and all The ERC-20 defines a common list of rules for all Ethereum tokens to follow, meaning that this particular token empowers developers of all types to accurately predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum system).