CryptoKitties capture the Ethereum blockchain at a record pace

CryptoKitties Digital Cats

CryptoKitties Digital Cats

Less than a week after its launch, the CryptoKitties game application becomes the most popular game in the Ethereum blockchain system. According to Eth Gas Station, more than 11% of network transactions in the last 1500 blocks took place in connection with CryptoKitties.

“Our approach to brand and marketing is, in part, a tongue-in-cheek critique of the ICO market today. Blockchain technology could be the biggest technology revolution since the Internet, but opportunists, investment froth, and a lack of consideration for everyday consumers is distracting folks from the technology’s long-term potential,” says Elsa Wilk, CryptoKitties Marketing Director.

The application launched on November 28. It enables users to exchange, buy, sell, and breed “kittens”, each of which can boast a unique 256-bit genetic code. Besides, every 15 minutes, the developers produce new specimens.

According to the creators’ idea, CryptoKitties is not just entertainment software. It is also a kind of educational application. Unsophisticated users will have an opportunity to get acquainted with blockchain technology and smart contracts features while playing.

However, the idea itself is not new. In 2013, for instance, the cult games “The Binding of Isaac” and “Super Meat Boy” creator and famous designer Edmund McMillen announced a very similar idea called Mew-Genics. Using it, gamers could hybridize and breed queer, ridiculous, and exotic cats. In 2016, the project was frozen until better times, though.

As ForkLog wrote earlier, the Memeus platform users, who earn money on memes, drive up “likes” to earn more Ethereum cryptocurrency.