How to Make Bitcoin Transaction Faster [ViaBTC GUIDE]

ViaBTC a Service that Makes Bitcoin Transaction Faster


One of the most serious issues related to Bitcoin is the time to confirm a transaction. The network is often overwhelmed. It means you either have to pay more fees or wait more time for a transaction to be done. Many bitcoin traders are looking for a solution that helps you with your question: how to make bitcoin faster. There are plenty of services on the Internet that can help you with this problem. But we are going to review the best one – ViaBTC.

ViaBTC is a free Transaction Accelerator service that offers 100 transactions per an hour for the transactions that are currently delayed. There is no need to sign in, you just have to submit any TXID of a delayed transaction that at least include a fee of 0.0001BTC/KB. The application then prioritize your submitted transaction to be included in the next block of the chain.

ViaBTC provides a user with 100 Free transactions. By order of submission, ViaBTC supports acceleration of 100 FREE transactions per hour. As you submit your TXID, the service supports acceleration of a hundred free transaction. If the number of transaction is over a limit, then resubmit your request in an hour.

Now, let us have a short and clear guide on how to make bitcoin transaction faster.

Step1: Find your transaction ID on a Blockchain explorer or on your Bitcoin wallet. In case if you are not aware how to do it, then simply paste the address where you sent from or where you sent the transaction to on Blockchain.infoviabtc

Step 2: As you identify the transaction (most likely it is the most recent one), copy the Transaction ID on the top.

Step 3: Hit on here to start the ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator
Step 4: Shut down the initial dialog window (please, make sure you have read the text before you do).

Step 5: Paste your Transaction ID to the top field, as you see on the image.

Step 6: Solve the captcha and hit on the submit button.

Well done! If you did everything correct and the acceleration is successful, then you will see the following message.

So now you can relax and watch your bitcoin transactions complete faster. So, now you know how to make bitcoin transaction faster.