Get Free Bitcoins in 2018 [100% Ultimate Guide]

Ultimate Guide on Free Bitcoins

how to get free bitcoins 2018

Today Bitcoin is worth a fortune ($9,300 on April 2018, to be precise). But what about a Free Bitcoin? How to Get Free Bitcoins in 2018? Is it possible to get free bitcoins without mining today? Long story short: yes, it is. You can use dozens of websites and apps in order to get free bitcoins. BTCzilla conducted a list of the best ways to get free bitcoins in 2018. Follow our Ultimate Guide on Free Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Wallet

To start earning free bitcoins, you must create a bitcoin wallet. This is not complicated even for a newbie. Visit Official Bitcoin Page and establish your bitcoin wallet and know your bitcoin address. It is also important to walk through all their basic guides on the buying bitcoin for cash. Either you can find the guide on How to Buy Bitcoins on BTCzilla.

Since you have your BTC wallet, you may start earning free bitcoins on the following virtual places.



Bitcoinget is probably the most well-known place to get free bitcoins. It is trusted and reliable. You can easily create your account on the platform and start earning free bitcoins.


Another one giant platform to get free bitcoins in 2018 is the website This company evaluated from website and now deliver free bitcoins for your answers. Literally, all you have to do is answer on questions and get free bitcoins.



daily free bitcoins

Less popular and yet less user-friendly Dailyfreebits delivers you free bitcoins for time spent online. Easy as it is but much Ads on the website. All you have to do to start earning free bitcoins is just put your bitcoin address into the field.


Bitcoin Faucets

There are huge amounts of websites that willing to provide your with free bitcoins for some little time or work. These websites called Bitcoin Faucets. These platforms dispense digital coins instead of water. This is why they are named after real faucets on the Internet. More precisely, a bitcoin faucet is a reward system represented as a website or an application. There are hundreds of different faucets on the WEB, which you can easily find, just googling Bitcoin Faucet.
If you are interested in Ethereum or Altcoin, then you can also find Ethereum or Altcoin faucets.


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